Getting a decent sample dissertation proposal in education

A good dissertation proposal is extremely important in terms of receiving your funding for your research. A bad proposal can put a stop to any aspirations you have in gaining your doctorate, and as such your proposal must be handled with great and delicate care. We will discuss the important aspects of a good proposal and where to find good samples.


The very first step of your proposal is to choose a good topic that will allow you to write a good dissertation. A good topic will enable you to incorporate a lot of different research material, analyse various viewpoints and constitute as something ‘original’. With these points in mind, the following are some excellent topics to write about for an education thesis:

  • How can primary and secondary education be improved in the UK?
  • Why is there a huge gap in the quality of education between higher education and secondary education in the United States?
  • Should university courses be subsidized by the Government?
  • How can students minimize loan debt when studying?
  • How has the competitiveness of higher education impact students’
  • employment prospectives after graduation?
  • Is gender segregation in schools beneficial?
  • Should tuition fee increases be frozen?

These are some of the great topics you can write your dissertation about.


The structure of your proposal is extremely important. It should be as follows:

  • Introduction: This should be a brief introduction to the topic you propose to write about.
  • Methodology: This section deals with the methods you aim to employ during the course of your research.
  • Aims and Objectives: This section is about your aims and what you are looking to accomplish with your research. It should also have a brief literature review, and talk about the results you expect to achieve.
  • Research Constraints: Here you will talk about any limitations that you expect to face
  • Conclusion: A brief summarization of your important points.

Writing Agencies

To find great proposal samples, you should visit an online writing agency. They will have a plethora of great and successful proposals that got students their necessary funding. You should definitely use these samples as a guide when writing your own, since they display all the good characteristics of a successful proposal.